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Company Makromor Sp. z o.o.

Makromor Sp. z o.o. as a leading Polish cathodic protection supplier, warmly encourages all companies, who want to reduce the detrimental effects of corrosion,  to take advantage of our products and services.

     Since 1995 our company has been manufacturing sacrificial anodes basing on zinc and aluminium alloys. Our scope of activities also includes cathodic protection engineering for seaborne constructions. As a confirmation of high quality of offered products and rendered services our Quality Management System has been found in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard by Det Norske Veritas. Putting emphasis on meeting international quality standards ensures sustainable growth of our company and exploration of new markets. The diversity and proven efficiency of our cathodic protection solutions is definitely what makes our offer exceptional.

            You are invited to become acquainted with our cathodic protection offer for sea wind mills foundations, drilling rigs, port quays, subsea pipelines, port quays, vessels, docks and many others hydrotechnical constructions.


Makromor s.c. launched its activities in 1995. At the very beginning our company started production of sacrificial anodes of zinc and aluminium alloys for cathodic protection of seagoing vessels. Dynamic development of the company allowed for offering cathodic protection systems for such hydrotechnical constructions like port quays, breakwaters, dock, piers, etc.

2012 year was a milestone for our company. Makromor has been transformed into Makromor Sp. z o.o. ( Ltd. company ) . Due to the market requirements new foundry has been put up and closely intergrated with the new office. That significantly improved level of customer service. Another extremely important investments were:

  • natural gas powered furnace of 800 kg aluminium single insert capacity;
  • “dry” laboratory for testing of anodes alloys chemical composition using optical spectrometer;
  • “wet” laboratory for testing electrochemical capacity of anode material;

In 2013 year Quality Management System of Makromor Sp. z o.o. was found in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 by Det Norske Veritas.

  All above mentioned investments allowed for offering of our product and services for most demanding clients from offshore sector. Presently Makromor offers anodes for cathodic protection of sea wind mills foundations, drilling rigs and subsea constructions. Our human and material resources allows for further market expansion. 


Makromor Sp. z o.o. mission is to promote best cathodic protection practices in order to extend design life and maintain integrity and utility of protected steel constructions.