We would especially like you to pay attention to the cathodic protection design services offered by Markomor company. Our qualified staff can proceed with cathodic design projects for the vessels , offshore structures (oil rigs, subsea pipelines) and for onshore facilities (port and shipyard constructions). Afterwards we offer to supervise the performance of your system. During the design we pay special attention to the hydrotechnical environment that the system will be working in. Additionally our skilled engineers can evaluate the efficiency of cathodic protection based on sacrificial anodes as well as the ICCP system (impressed current).

You can be sure that at any time we will find the most optimal anticorrosion solution for you, reducing your costs on one hand and ensuring system efficiency on the other.




Quality control

Makromor Quality Control Department is supervising the whole casting process basing on our own laboratory. As per our client requirement we carry out tests of the electrochemical parameters by checking our anodes samples. The tests are conducted according to the requirements of DNV RP B 401 Appendix A 96 hrs test. Additionally we carry out electrochemical tests with exposure time 2000 hrs, with the current density of 2A/m2, which simulate real anode working conditions. The main aim of the long term researches is to verify the preliminary short term tests. The purity of the anodes material (chemical composition) is ensured by using the pure raw materials and constant casting process control. Finally we are able to issue an inspection certificate for each single batch of our anodes, certifying their high electrochemical parameters.

Quality control

Inspected Items – General View

Marking and traceability 


Roughness verification prior to casting – requested level 75-100 µm.
The results 93 µm – acceptable


Dimensional measurement

Dimensional measurement

PMI – Chemical analysis of anode alloy 

Records of chemical composition analysis

Electrochemical Efficiency Test – Test station and sensor connections

Test tank water parameters verificationpH = 8,0 ; Temperature =10,3 C ; SalinityCo.S = 32,6 - accepted

Calibration of referenced electrodes

Alloy potential verification
result – 1067 mV (min <1050 mV)

Items packed and ready for shipmenti